Pavel Soukup [undergraduate and PhD student in the lab, PhD thesis defended on 1 April 2022]

PhD thesis title: "Role of habitat complexity and predation in the structuring of aquatic communities"

I am a PhD student interested in freshwater ecology, particularly mesocosm and behavioral experiments unravelling the role of habitat complexity on predator-prey interactions. I have a background in teaching and IT.


Julien Mocq [PostDoc, 2015-2021]

My researches focus on the impact of various biotic (predator/prey density, traits, predation risk cues...) and abiotic (temperature, habitat complexity...) factors on trophic interactions between aquatic invertebrates, with a special interest in natural and man-made ponds.

Bruno M. Carreira [postdoc - SoWa Research Infrastructure, 2018-2020]

I study the ecological effects of climate change on wetlands. Using Mediterranean temporary ponds as model systems, I investigate temperature effects on nutrient assimilation and feeding preferences in ectotherms, and how these affect the structure and functioning of pond food webs. This experimental research uses advanced techniques (stable isotopes and metagenomics) and supports a general relationship between temperature and the trophic levels of omnivorous ectotherms. Interested in studying fitness landscapes along gradients of temperature and diet C:N:P ratios, the pathways influencing nutrient assimilation and the role of gut microbiota, I am also studying freshwater communities in urban and post-industrial habitats.

Andrea Landeira-Dabarca [postdoc - SoWa Research Infrastructure, 2018-2019]

My research has been focused on the effects of natural and human disturbance on aquatic communities and species interactions. During my early stage career, I worked on aquatic insect community variability, prey-predator interactions, chemical signaling in aquatic ecosystems, and fisheries. Then, I have been working on the evolutionary and ecological vulnerability of freshwater organisms to climate change in high altitude tropical and temperate streams, and the consequences for ecosystem functioning. And, I am currently working on the effect of human pollution and eutrophication on species interactions and their functional role in ecosystem processes in standing-water ecosystems.

Marek Svitok [postdoc, 2018-2019]

I am quantitative ecologist with broad interest in biological diversity, ecosystem functioning and human impacts on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. I conduct research on environmental problems, including climate change and acidification, affecting glacial lakes. I am also interested in functional ecology of ponds and how invertebrate diversity links with decomposition and production processes. As a conservation biologist, I try to assess efficiency of surrogate species for biodiversity conservation. My further interests encompass taxonomy of aquatic insects, forest disturbances, biological invasions and ecological modelling.